About Me.

Je suis un mercenaire – je travaille où et avec qui je veux.

Martin Kubler - About Me

Martin Kubler
CEO | Adviser | Writer | Public Speaker | Academic


Hello, I’m Martin! For the past 12 years, I’ve been living in the Middle East. I was born in Munich, Germany, and I’ve also lived in England for almost 10 years. I’m married, have a son, and an anti-social cat. I love espresso and vegan food. I hate okra.

I’m a hotel GM turned industry consultant and I run sps:affinity, a Dubai-headquartered boutique strategic business consultancy. Occasionally, I write a bit, speak at events and conferences, and I also teach at a number of universities.

I hold a MBA in International Hospitality and Service Industries Management, Marketing, and Innovation, from Glion Institute of Higher Education. I’m interested in many things and understand an eclectic mix of business, science, and art. I know people and how to communicate with them, but I also know how to make organizations work and extract the best profits for their stakeholders.

I create strategies and policies; I train; I copy­write; I listen. I organise things, solve problems, and give advice. I fix perceptions (yours’, your employees’, your guests’ & customers’); I bring people and projects together.

I use my brain and serious talent for communication, creativity, and innovation to provide thought leadership and nurture ideas and new thinking.

In another time and place I would have made a great Consigliere or Grand Vizier. Today, I’m a great consultant instead. It may not have the same ring to it, but the results are much the same.